Monday, June 28, 2010

OC VB summer check in from Wong and life in the pageant world!

What have I been up to this summer?! I don't even know where to begin. I am the current Miss Huron County and have had to opportunity to compete for Miss Ohio, the official preliminary to Miss America. It has been quite the experience. It was only my first year at states and I have learned so much. I made a few errors but minor glitches that can be fixed for next year. I am truly blessed to have competed. Our first day we had rehearsal after rehearsal. Day two, I was a part of a fashion show at the mall. I sported a bohemian look and totally rocked the runway. Then it was back to rehearsal in the freezing cold theater. Day three, was the parade. I sat on the back of a convertible and waved to the hundreds of Mansfield locals. My title was on a sign on the side of the car and they announced me as I hit certain spots on the parade route. Day four was all about rehearsals. We learned three opening number routines and a production number. The production number was AMAZING! We did Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and got to create our own costumes. My outfit was equipped with soda cans in my hair. The next day was celebrity waitressing at Applebee's. Basically, we had to ask people to buy paper crowns to support the program. Amanda (teammate support here!) came and supported me at Applebee's and allowed me to eat some of her delicious food. For some reason, the Miss Ohio program thinks girls our age LOVE chicken salad...because it was served to us at EVERY meal! On Tuesday, was my interview. My interview went really well and I felt very comfortable in front of the judges. That night was the teen pageant and the girl that won was a doll. She is so sweet and beautiful. Cecili most definitely deserved it.
Wednesday night was the first night of preliminaries. I, being contestant number one, had talent first. I did a lyrical routine and felt rather good about it. Being a volleyball player, I did not think twice about the massive bruise and floor burn I walked away with after my dance. Thursday night was swimsuit. It's my favorite part of the competition because I know I work out haha. My swimsuit was red and I felt comfortable strutting my stuff. Friday night was evening gown and on-stage is the where the learning experience comes into play. My evening gown went well. I walked a bit fast but I felt like a star in my gown. On-stage question stressed me out. My question was super easy and I just choked...Thank goodness it's only 5% of your score! My answer was downright awful. I panicked, but at the end of the day, I learned from it and can laugh at it now. Saturday was finals night and although I didn't make top 10, I was proud of what I accomplished and I'm proud to have represented Oberlin. I'll definitely be competing at locals again this coming year in hopes to pursue my dreams of becoming the next Miss Ohio.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I cannot wait to see how awesome our team looks come the fall. I'm back to working out at full force and am enjoying spending time with my mom and my fellow teammate, Amanda. See you in August!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OC VB summer check in from Lizzie

Hi OCVB world!

My summer has been extremely busy and fun so far! I have been reaping the benefits of living in Manhattan everyday. I went to see a Broadway show, Promises, Promises, and went to the new Yankee stadium (we won!) I have been going to a bunch of concerts: Jordin Sparks, The Neville Brothers, James Taylor & Carole King, and the New Kids on the Block. I saw Cynthia Nixon on the street right outside my house, which was fun and unexpected! I spent a weekend in Boston visiting an Obie friend and am taking the bus down to DC to visit my roommate in a few weeks.

I started my job this week and I love it! Essentially, I am teaching literacy to inner-city youth as well as coaching them in baseball to learn real life skills. It's a three week training, which is really intense, but I am learning so much about kids. I've been doing some really serious workshops about how to be an effective sports coach (watch out Troy and Carey!) and how to reach kids in a real, effective manner. Everything so far is going well and I can't wait to update y'all about my summer again soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

OC VB summer check in from Rosie!

Hellooo Yeowomen! I hope your summer’s are off to a fantastic start! Mine is, and I still have a lot to look forward to (i.e. camp, i.e. where my heart lives).

For me, this week is one of tying up loose ends and making last-minute visits with friends before I go off to be a camp counselor all summer. I’m still un-packing from college because that enterprise was interrupted two weeks ago by a (fantastic) camping trip to the beach at Cape Henlopen in Delaware. Simultaneously, I’m packing up for camp. Needless to say, my room is a mess. I wasn’t able to make any progress there last week because Daniel, my boyfriend who goes to Oberlin, visited then and we were busy making bagels, playing Ultimate Frisbee, visiting friends, making jam, watching the NBA finals, exercising on the stationary bikes in my basement, selling strawberry shortcake at my (Quaker) Meeting House’s annual Strawberry Festival and eating pizza with my brother and parents (see picture). Daniel left this Monday for Hong Kong, where his family lives, and my life resumed a more relaxed (boring?) pace of packing and cleaning.

I have done some fun things this week, though. I made a compost pile for my house, which I have wanted to do for some time now. I also made vegan carrot cake with my friend (delicious; just ask if you want the recipe to any of these foods!), visited my high school art teacher, saw a really great movie about street art (“Exit Through the Gift Shop”), worked out, read, made postcards and…watched more NBA finals (go Celtics?). Plus, now I’m pretty much packed for camp!

This weekend, my parents, brother and I are visiting my grandparents in NJ for my brother and dad’s birthdays. It’ll be a great celebration then I’m off to camp the very next day for canoe instructor training (!!) before actual camp starts. I can’t wait.

Happy Summer y’all!