Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Break Fun

Fall break was a busy week for the Oberlin College Volleyball Team. In between all the traveling to and from Indiana and Pennsylvania, we still found time to have some fun. Carey, and I decided to make our trip to Meadville, Pennsylvania a day trip and picked up the team at 9 AM to go to Erie. After a quick stop at Carey’s “Voodoo Doc” we continued to Presque Isle and explored the woods and waterfront, a little from our player’s exploration can be found in the video above. While the water was too cold to go in, it was still a beautiful day to sit on the beach and have lunch. After Presque Isle we headed on to the mall, where there was a little something for everyone. Some people snacked while other shopped. A couple even found their Halloween costumes. In all we had a fun week with each other, and got even closer as a team.