Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Second Commit!!

Laura Jessee from Roanoke, VA has also committed to Oberlin College and our volleyball team. Laura will be one of our most versatile players having the ability to hit from anywhere along the net. She is a 5'11 attacker with great leaping ability and strength. Depending on her role, we see her potentially even playing some back row and being an added threat from behind the 10 ft line. Laura came to us through the lacrosse coaches, as she was recruited as a goalie, however her determination and love for the sport of volleyball found her joining our team next year with the hope to make an immediate impact. Laura will be our 6th teammate that will be 5'11" or taller this upcoming season, making us one of the tallest teams in conference.

Welcome Laura!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We Have Our First Commit!!!

Rosalie Eck from Silver Spring Maryland has committed to join the Oberlin College YeoWomen in 2009. Rosie is a 6' middle who is looking to have an immediate impact on our squad. During the last four years she has been a starter for both her high school and MVSA Volleyball Club teams. Rosie will bring needed height and depth to our core of middles that includes Junior Maggie Jacobson and Sophomore Sara Blankemeyer. Rosie is still undecided on what she will be studying, however she is thinking about majoring in Spanish and Studio Art. Rosie is a well rounded individual with interests not only in her academics and in volleyball, but also the environment and outdoors. In the summer time she leads backpacking tours through parts of the Appalachian Mountains, and loves to spend as much time outside as she can. With Rosie's potential we look forward to seeing what she can accomplish over the next four years. Welcome Rosie!

Friday, May 1, 2009

This week for our Fun workout, we decided to take to the fields outside and play a little two-hand touch football. The ground was wet from the rain and it was windy--two obstacles that made the event just that more fun. We played three on three (Maggie, Kaitlin, and Eric vs. Lizzie, Courtney, and myself with Carey as all time quarterback) through the wind and the rain. The slippery grass wasn't very conducive to fancy footwork so I spent about 75% of the time falling down and getting grass stains all over me. It was a very intense game, complete with Hail Mary passes and impeccable two-handed taps (there may or may not have been an instance where I tackled Carey, but that's something we don't want to talk about). After a couple touchdowns and several unfortunate wipeouts, the game conceded to be a tie.

We decided we weren't toughed up enough as we left the fields, so naturally the only way to fix the situation was to throw mud on ourselves. And at each other. And at the coaches.

Overall, it was quite the splendid time, even though I myself am almost too sore to walk today.